General English

Such a course is a good opportunity to get stories to read and tracks to listen to about a wide range of general topics, together with some articles about current issues to discuss. Besides, a grammar refresher is provided depending on the students' level with the view to help students perfect their speaking skills.

Here some of the grammar structures which are dealt with during the courses:

  • I tempi verbali (presente, passato, futuro, present perfect)
  • La forma passiva
  • I verbi modali e gli imperativi
  • I verbi ausiliari
  • Il periodo ipotetico
  • Le forme interrogative
  • Il dirscorso indiretto
  • Go, get, do make, have
  • Pronomi e possessivi
  • Gli articoli e i nomi
  • Dimostrativi e quantificatori
  • Gli aggettivi e gli avverbi
  • Le preposizioni
  • I phrasal verbs
  • Congiunzioni e proposizioni

Rethinking the Adaptive Leadership model through the Italian Adaptive Leadership Behavior Questionnaire

Since Heifetz designed the adaptive leadership framework in 1994, the academic literature has benefitted from many qualitative research studies focusing on specific adaptive challenges and how the adaptive leadership framework can be practically used to face these. It seems very few have dealt with adaptive leadership through the quantitative lens and have attempted to measure adaptive leadership behaviors or tested Heifetz’s adaptive leadership six-dimensional model. In response, my PhD research aimed to measure the perception of adaptive leadership behaviors across the Italian corporate context and to investigate whether Heifetz’s adaptive leadership model can apply to the Italian culture. Findings and contribution to knowledge can be read in the thesis: Novellini, P. (2023) Rethinking the Adaptive Leadership model through the Italian Adaptive Leadership Behavior Questionnaire, PhD thesis, University of Sunderland.

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