A business-oriented teacher

A business-oriented teacher

A wide range of services for those who want to improve their communication skills in English, with a view to becoming more successful in managing business.

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Paola Novellini is a Lecturer at Genoa University. Since 2001 Paola Novellini has been giving English courses to corporate customers located in Milano.

She has started to work around Lombardia and Italy expanding her activity in Canton Ticino too, with a view to share the business know-how and deliver effectiveness through a kaizen approach.

A dynamic and creative, face-to-face and/or online training offer. Beside the General English courses in preparation for internationally recognised certificates released by Cambridge University, Paola Novellini also offers innovative Business English courses and specialised business-oriented workshops, which aim to enhance communication skills and managerial skills.

Public speaking, leadership, time management, motivation, teamwork, marketing, customer relationships, supply chain management, company growth, company finance, start-up, production processes and distribution: these are key factors to any successful business.

Why this training offer? For the added value: a wide and enriching teaching experience, the daily analysis of the market trends, the ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the teaching and learning methods, the challenge to face the business world directly in English.

One of my greatest dreams is to elicit from people the love for learning and improving

Keep learning!

Keep learning!

Paola Novellini MBA - PhD
PhD in Adaptive Leadership
Master in Business Administration
Master in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
Certificate of Proficiency in English
Degree in Education Science

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SMC Italia
Office Distribution
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Rethinking the Adaptive Leadership model through the Italian Adaptive Leadership Behavior Questionnaire

Since Heifetz designed the adaptive leadership framework in 1994, the academic literature has benefitted from many qualitative research studies focusing on specific adaptive challenges and how the adaptive leadership framework can be practically used to face these. It seems very few have dealt with adaptive leadership through the quantitative lens and have attempted to measure adaptive leadership behaviors or tested Heifetz’s adaptive leadership six-dimensional model. In response, my PhD research aimed to measure the perception of adaptive leadership behaviors across the Italian corporate context and to investigate whether Heifetz’s adaptive leadership model can apply to the Italian culture. Findings and contribution to knowledge can be read in the thesis: Novellini, P. (2023) Rethinking the Adaptive Leadership model through the Italian Adaptive Leadership Behavior Questionnaire, PhD thesis, University of Sunderland.

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"Con la sua pluriennale esperienza didattica maturata in contesti aziendali, Paola Novellini coniuga una elevata conoscenza tecnica con flessibilità e creatività nel contesto d’aula e di coaching.”

(M. G. Bonanomi, responsabile formazione Confindustria Monza e Brianza)